We're not talking off-the-shelf stuff...
We built a custom solution integrated seamlessly throughout our website.
Kent Humphrey
Eric Kent Wine Cellars

Case Study

Client: Eric Kent Wine Cellars

Business: Winery

Challenge: The winery needed a solid platform from which to build the winery business, focus on direct-to-consumer sales, build and manage their allocation system and marketing initiatives.

We wanted to build a customizable allocation system that was different from what other wineries were doing at the time... New Media Works not only understood but enhanced our vision and helped us craft a complete customer service system that saves us weeks, even months of work a year, while offering an easy and personalized experience to each of our customers...

We're not talking off-the-shelf stuff here,We built a custom solution integrated seamlessly throughout our website. My wife and business partner discovered New Media Works with a simple Google search and all I can say is that was a lucky day for us!
Kent Humphrey, Eric Kent Wine Cellars

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